I am a talismanic jeweler & dirt sorcerer, living in the High Desert of New Meixo. I have a jewelry site at Tveir Hrafnar.

My background in sorcery and occultism goes way back…to at least when I was 11. I began formally studying (gross misnomer, I am a terrible student!) in 1987, but had been exposed and infected by the magic bug in 1982. My practice is influenced by ceremonial magic(k), chaos magic, witchcraft of the neo-pagan and Traditional varieties, freestyle shamanism & the work of magicians, sorcerers, and cunning folk of all traditions & times, who I believe have left (and will leave) a deep imprint on this world to be found by those who seek it.

I learned to make jewelry initially from the fabulous Mark Defrates. Further refinements by Spirit & saw over a number of years.

You can contact me using the form below if that makes more sense than leaving a comment.




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